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Otello’s & Desdemona’s Bedroom

Slideshow Presentation

Features from the Original Live Performance

Photos and Audio Recording from Act IV

Audio Recording Courtesy of

Eugenio Veiga

PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Jesús Quiñones Ledesma                       En español

Desdemona says to Emilia that she’s had a premonition of death. After saying goodnight, Desdemona kneels down and prays and   lies down in bed. Otello quietly comes into their room and gently puts down his sword. He kisses Desdemona with kindness, and wakes her up. As both interchange words of love and affection, Otello increasingly becomes apprehensive as he confronts Desdemona with accusations of infidelity.  She continues to plea for her innocence. But Otello, possessed by an unbearable force of darkness, begins to exasperate Desdemona with cruelty and hostility.  His hands ignite violently with the intent to end her death by strangulation.

Emilia hears Otello’s disturbing voice, telling Desdemona that Cassio has been killed and that their pleas are no longer justified. Emilia rushes into their room and sees Desdemona on her bed dying in vain. Emilia discloses that Casio is not the one assassinated, but Rodrigo instead.  In spite of everything, Emilia then reveals that Iago, has been the one deceiving him, instead of Desdemona, with malicious lies.

While Iago and a group of military men hustle into the room, Emilia admits to Otello that she is the one who gave Iago Desdemona's handkerchief. Subsequently, Lodovico exclaims that Roderigo, last moments of breath, expressed his regrets for the harm he has inflicted and in his final words before his death, confessed that he was also involved in Iago’s conspiracy.

Otello, as he condemns himself by the realization of such dreadful and horrifying murder, he stabs himself.  Desperately, Otello drags himself towards his loving faithful wife, Desdemona, and hopelessly tells her. “One more kiss”, “One final kiss” while both their lives fade away, tragically.